Frequently Asked Questions

Memorial Trees not only provide a living and lasting legacy to a special person or beloved companion, they provide a lasting, continuing gift of protection to our precious wildlife, help restore earth's carbon balance, contribute to the beauty of the countryside and the purity of the air we breathe.

1. Where will my tree be planted?

TreeGivers trees are always planted on public lands. The trees are planted as part of reforestation and conservation programs in each of the 50 States and all Canadian Provinces. The trees are planted in areas where they are needed most, as determined by the planters.

2. What kind of tree will be planted?

The types of trees planted vary from season to season, and from state to state, based on the recommendations of the planters in each state. We feel they are best informed as to which specie is suitable for each location and planting project.

3. Can I have the tree planted exactly where I want?

No, unfortunately with the thousands of trees planted, the trees can only be planted on public land for the enjoyment of everyone (including our animal friends).

4. What size is my tree?

TreeGivers trees are grown especially for reforestation programs. The seedlings are usually 2 to 3 years old. Depending on the specie, the trees range from 9" to 24" in height.

5. When will my tree be planted?

Our plantings normally take place in either the spring or the fall. The soil conditions and precipitation levels at these times make it ideal for introducing the trees to the forest.

6. Can I visit my tree?

No. In the interest of the plantings, we have agreed that the species of trees planted and their locations be left entirely up to our tree planters in each state. We also agreed, upon the urging of those responsible for the public areas where the trees are planted, that for the good of the trees themselves, it would be unwise to bring people to those sites.

7. Does my tree have any identification on it?

No, the trees bear no personal identification. However, you can take pride in knowing that the tree will add to the landscape, provide a suitable home for wildlife and benefit the environment for us all.

8. Can I have more than one tree planted together?

Yes. When placing more then one order at a time the trees you order will be planted together in the state of your choice. However, the exact location and species of the trees will be decided by the professional planters in that state.

9. Can the trees be planted in different locations?

Yes. Trees may be planted in more than one location. For example you may plant one tree in Alabama and one tree in Texas, however, this will be considered two separate orders and you will be charged accordingly.($29.95 unframed / $59.95 framed includes shipping and handling)

10. Can I get more than one letter and certificate?

Yes. Additional memorial letters and certificates can be furnished upon request, however there will be an additional charge of $8 for an unframed certificate and $32.95 for a framed certificate (includes shipping and handling).

11. Can I send the letters and certificates to a separate address?

Yes. Letters and certificates can be sent to separate addresses, however, there will be an additional processing and printing fee of $8 for an unframed certificate and $32.95 for a framed certificate (includes shipping and handling).

12. What is the cost of purchasing extra trees/certificates and letters?

If you would like to purchase more than one tree or certificate the pricing is as follows:

When purchasing one tree, additional mailings will cost $8 for an unframed certificate and $32.95 for a framed certificate (includes shipping and handling). Each additional mailing includes a gift notification certificate and memorial letter. These processing fees are added to the initial price of the order.

When purchasing more than one tree, but only sending one gift notification certificate and memorial letter, a fee of $12.95 will apply for each additional tree planted. This additional planting fee is added to the initial price of the order.

13. When will the recipient receive their gift?

A normal order takes 3-5 business days to process but we do our best to process your order within 24 hours. If the order is placed by 10am EST, we do offer Express Mail (guaranteed delivery by noon the following day in most states) from the US Post Office for an additional fee of $17.50 unframed, or $31.65 framed, or we can make special arrangements to send your package via Federal Express or UPS overnight delivery for an additional charge (we would have to check on rates and call customer back). Priority mail for Canada framed orders is $12.00.

14. Where is my order?

A normal order takes 3-5 business days to process. We ask that you please wait to call us until after those 5 business days have passed.

If more than 5 business days have passed, we invite you to please call us regarding your order. TreeGivers keeps order records on file for 45 days. After this, they are archived in our computer system, and any physical copies we have on hand are shredded. Because of this, we ask that any inquiries regarding the whereabouts of your order be submitted before the end of those 45 days. If you submit a
Reprint Request within this time frame, we will gladly reprint the order free of charge. In addition to emailing us, you may call us toll free at (800) 862-8733.

However, if you wait longer than this 45 day period, we can reprocess your order for an Archive Retrieval Fee of $10.95. This covers costs of data retrieval, materials and postage. This fee is non-negotiable, and therefore it is your responsibility to contact us within those 45 days.

Memorial Trees provide the continuing gift of protection to our earth, a living, growing legacy benefiting the environment for years to come.